Vancouver Area Property Maintenance and Repair

Serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland since 1994, Nikls “One CALL” Property Services provides a complete set of services and skilled trades for commercial properties and Property Managers.

We Bring a Complete Team to You

A common water leak at a commercial or strata property can require a few different trades to solve the problem …

For example – leaks can be caused by HVAC units, burst pipe fittings, or roofing or siding issues. You need the right trade to repair the original cause of the leak. Then, you may need a water restoration technician to properly clean up the mess and prevent mold growth. Finally, the interior damage may require drywall and painting repairs.

We bring you a complete solution to these kinds of complex problems.

Property Maintenance Services

Innovative Solutions for Your Property

Find out more about some of the innovative products and services we can offer you to solve challenging problems at your property …