Bird Spikes and Netting Installation

Pigeons and other birds can create a lot of problems at a property. We install various products such as electronic bird spikes and bird netting. The first step is always to eliminate food and water sources from your property such as roof top pooling and open garbage bins. After that, nothing works as well as bird spikes and bird netting for making sheltering spots inaccessible to birds.


Bird Spikes

We use commercial quality stainless steel spikes which will last for decades. Cheaply made consumer grade spikes are plastic and break within a couple years due to weathering from the sun and winter elements.

Bird spikes can be installed using industrial epoxy, ties, and screws depending on the location and surface where they are to be installed.

We have the experience and the high-reach equipment to install bird spikes on your property safely and wherever needed. Some key areas to protect are …

  • Building roof edges
  • Parking lot light poles
  • Building lighting wall packs

  • Exposed piping under cover
  • Sign boxes
  • Covered parking fixtures


Bird Netting

In some spots where sheltering stoops for birds cover a wider area, a better solution is bird netting. With bird netting, we can seal off an entire area to prevent birds from entering.

If access to the area is required, we will also install zippers in key locations of the netting so that electrical, mechanical, and other fixtures can be accessed and serviced as needed without removing the protective netting.

Call us today and we will survey your property and provide you with a complete assessment on how to keep birds away from your property and the best areas to install protective measures such as bird spikes and bird netting.