Pressure Washing, and Cleaning for Awnings, Gutters, Roof Drains, and Air Exhaust Chambers

Nikls One Call has a wide range of equipment and the experience to take care of all your pressure washing needs with minimal disruption to your tenants and with an eye for the important details that make a big difference.

Pressure Washing Sidewalks and Parking Areas

Pressure washing is often done at night when noise bylaws permit. When that’s not possible, we schedule early mornings before your property gets busy so as not to disturb businesses or mall customers. And we make sure everything is done right:

  • We use flat surface cleaning heads for a deep clean
  • We blow all sediment down the drain, not simply into the parking lot
  • We wash all “splash back” off windows and walls
  • We cover door thresholds to prevent water ingress into the building
  • We make sure areas needing gum removal are taken care of

Soft Brush Awning Cleaning

Cleaning glass, vinyl and flat awnings of dirt and algae each have their own challenges and we make sure they are all done with care to make sure the job is done right. Water ingress into buildings or damage to the awnings can occur otherwise.

  • We make sure brittle vinyl graphics are handled carefully
  • We clean debris out of gutters and off flat awnings
  • We wash down and squeegee windows and walls underneath the awnings
  • We work outside peak busy periods

Building Algae Cleaning

North sides of buildings and north facing sloped roofs are always susceptible to green algae buildup that needs cleaning annually or every couple of years. In addition to the cosmetic issue, it’s important to clean algae off regularly because the moisture it holds can cause building envelope issues over the long term.

We utilize our bucket trucks, telescopic poles and ladders to get the job done efficiently. After cleaning high area on a building, we cleanup down below, making sure walls, windows, and sidewalks are washed down as well.

Roof Gutter Cleaning

Roof gutters often get clogged with leaves, moss, and other debris. Even gutters that have leaf guards on them will tend to get a buildup of sludge over time that is a mix of dirt and organic matter. Annual or semi-annual gutter cleaning is important to ensure the downspouts don’t get blocked to prevent rain water from spilling over the sides of the gutters, and even ingress inside the building envelope.

We employ a number of tools and techniques for roof gutter cleaning that include;

  • 40 foot reach vacuum extension poles
  • Wireless camera inspection of gutters
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • flushing and augering to ensure free flow of the gutters and downspouts

Roof Drain and Debris Cleaning

Flat commercial building roofs should be checked regularly to make sure the roof drains are free of accumulated dirt and debris that can block rain water from draining. They should also be checked for other debris that can damage the roof. Such debris might be inadvertently left on the roof or caught on it during wind storms.

Roof cleaning maintenance includes;

  • Clearing dirt and debris from around roof drain screens
  • Removing moss buildup from low spots on the roof where water puddles and sits
  • Removing debris that can puncture the roof membrane and cause leaks