Handyman Service

At Nikls One Call, we are redefining the meaning of “Handyman” to bring Property Managers a solution to tough maintenance problems. While some jobs require our licensed trades people such as plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths, there are some jobs that defy categorization.

This is where our seasoned, multi-disciplined repair technicians come in. We are experienced in taking on unique repairs when you don’t know who to call. Whether it involves steel, aluminum, wood, concrete or a variety of other materials, our techs have seen just about everything, and we have a solution for you.


Emergency Steel Staircase Repair

This short staircase was ripped out of the wall by a passing vehicle. It wasn’t damaged, but it did create a 4 foot fall hazard for anyone exiting the door. We welded on new steel anchor points and re-attached the staircase to the wall with heavy duty concrete anchors, rust primed our new additions, then repaired the damaged concrete door threshold that had crumbled when the original anchors were pulled out.

Tackling these kinds of immediate safety hazards at your property is one of our specialties.


Commercial Ceiling System Repair

Sometimes manufacturers no longer make a certain building material or product. This commercial ceiling system was missing some sections that were no longer available. We custom fabricated new steel slats out of sheet metal to snap into the systems framework, painted to match the existing, and installed.

Custom fabrication is a bit of a lost art when it comes to making needing repairs. Sometimes it’s the best or only option.

Our service techs build and repair things as a way of life. Some work on old cars in their spare time, some build motorized paragliders or boat trailers. We are always keeping our skills sharp because it’s what we love to do.

This is what enables Nikls One Call to bring you innovative repair and maintenance solutions and handymen that love a challenge.