Infrared Inspections for Building Electrical Systems


Infrared inspections are performed on your property’s electrical panels, breakers, and disconnects. This thermographic scan identifies excessive heat caused by bad connections and electrical component failure.

It is an important preventative maintenance check and the best way to prevent potential fire hazards, loss of service, and intermittent electrical anomolies.

Regular infrared inspections make it possible to conduct maintenance and corrective actions before critical failures occur and may also help you reduce the insurance premiums for your property.


In conjunction with the scan, our certified electricians do a visual inspection of all systems and perform current draw tests. This serves to verify the scanner findings and to determine other electromechanical problems that may be present.

You receive a complete inspection report with photos and thermo-graphic images that define the condition of each piece of equipment. The report will detail any problems found as critical priority or general maintenance and recommend a repair solution.