Mobile Locksmithing and Security Upgrades


Fortress One Security, our complete security division, provides 24/7 emergency service, mobile locksmithing, and innovative security solutions for Vancouver area Property Managers. Find out more at Fortress One Security.

General Locksmithing

From rekeying, to master key systems, to repairs on all your doors and windows, we will bring you a mobile and experienced locksmithing team to handle all your commercial and residential security needs. Some of the things we can take care of for you …

  • 24/7 mobile emergency service
  • Rekeying and setting up master-key systems
  • Mailbox repairs, replacements and security upgrades
  • Door and window repair and replacement, including glass awnings
  • Door closers and other door hardware
  • Our ANSI certified technicians repair automatic / handicap door openers
  • Electric door strikes and automatic door hardware

High Security Locks

We are licensed installers for both Schlage Primus XP and Abloy – two high security commercial locks with anti-pick features and security against unauthorized duplication of your keys.

Schlage-Primus high security locks

Schlage Primus, the Best High Security Lock Choice for Commercial Properties

The Schlage Primus XP patented key system is a scalable system that you can use to control access with varying levels of security throughout your facilities. This simplifies your key management system by giving you just one key that supports both high-security locks and your existing regular locks making it the security solution that fits every door in your building.

  • The most flexible key system available today.
  • Supports all sizes of key system, from small to large, with multi-level key hierarchy where needed.
  • Fits most non-Schlage locks, eliminating costly an time-consuming hardware changes.

Abloy high security locks

Abloy Protec, when Your Security Requires the Strongest Locks Available

Invented in 1907, the unique patented rotating disc cylinder mechanism distinguishes Abloy in the marketplace. This very same Abloy mechanism can be found in bank vault doors. The unique and patented design has no springs or pins to wear, jam or freeze. This lock is virtually impossible to pick or bypass and protects some of the most important buildings in the world.

Abloy makes a range of very heavy duty door locks and padlocks for very high security requirements at properties where there can be no compromise.

Custom Security Solutions

Thieves can cause thousands of dollars in damage with a single break in … just to steal a few dollars worth of copper wiring. Nikls One Call supplies and fabricates many custom security products. If it needs to be locked and secure, we will bring you a solution that has been tested and proven effective to deter thieves and hold up over time with heavy usage. Call us for a security assessment today.

Custom Security Gates and Enclosures

Custom steel security gates or enclosures can be constructed with a variety of options including fire-exit panic hardware and perforated steel walls. You also get the best security features such as anti-pry astragals and lock guards on your enclosure and gate doors.

Our construction and material design has been tested and proven in many situations over the years. We build bike rooms in parking garages, secure alcove entrances, and barriers to prevent would be thieves from climbing over walls or onto the roof of your property.

Knob and Deadbolt Guards

Protecting knob locks and deadbolts on your doors is the first step to protecting them against break and entry. Guards protect these pints from being pried and hammered open.

In addition to knob and deadbolt guards we also install perforated steel window covers for commercial doors with large or small wire glass in them. The glass is easily smashed and the guards protect it while still allowing visibility through to the other side of the door.

Whatever type of door or frame you have that requires better security, Nikls One CALL has a solution for you.

Improved Mailbox Locks and Mailbox Enclosures

Mailboxes are a frequent target of fraudsters and identity thieves. Community mailbox units are the most vulnerable to break-ins, especially when they are mounted outside. And once broken into, thieves have access to the mail of dozens of people.

Nikls One CALL repairs mailboxes following break ins and our internal security upgrade kits strengthen the key breaking points inside your mailbox.

In addition to strengthening existing hardware, we build heavy duty mailbox enclosures. We also take care of all the necessary arrangements with Canada Post for you.

Custom Fixture Guards

To prevent vandalism, theft and tampering, we often construct custom sized steel fixture guards. All guards feature welded steel construction and heavy duty expanded metal faces that provide both visibility and strength.

The guards can be powder coated in a variety of colours and are secured using security screws to a variety of surfaces. The security screws allow them to be removed as needed by a technician.

Fixture guards such as this provide maximum protection for light fixtures, CO sensors, alarms anti-loitering devices and other expensive fixtures prone to vandalism in common areas.

Light Pole Locking Handhole Covers

Theft of copper wiring from parking lot pole lights is a common occurrence. Typically, thieves simply unscrew or pry open the covers and start pulling out wiring. This can create a very dangerous situation that leaves high voltage wiring exposed.

Call us if you have an emergency and need one of our electricians to make sure that exposed wiring is safe. Once the electrical situation is safe, we can repair the wiring and provide you with a security solution such as locking handhole covers for your light pole fixtures.