Asphalt, Concrete, and Masonry Repairs

Asphalt Repairs

Keeping your lot free of potholes and trip hazards is a matter of safety as well general maintenance. Most ongoing issues are caused by thin asphalt applications (1″) and water ingress into asphalt cracks, as well as general wear and tear. We bring a complete solution to you for taking care of your property:

  • Asphalt crack hot sealing
  • Full 3″ blacktop layer over compacted base
  • Catch basin and drainage replacement
  • Speed bump construction
  • Line painting

Concrete and Masonry Repair

Concrete Sidewalks

Sidewalks and concrete pad construction and repair, crack filling, and concrete sealing are some of the projects and maintenance items we can help you with. We can provide you with new concrete sidewalks in a variety of finishes including stamped concrete, broom-swept (the best for low maintenance sidewalk surfaces), and exposed aggregate. Call us for:

  • Sidewalks and concrete pad construction and repair
  • Concrete surface sealing
  • Crack repair and filling
  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Concrete stair repairs

Concrete Curb Repair

Concrete curbs are often damaged by large trucks, tree roots, and snow plows. Call us to repair your curbs today and we can provide you with options for strengthening your troublesome curb areas that are prone to repeated breakage. Some great options include:

  • Rebar reinforcement
  • Pinning into the ground
  • Enlarging island ends and corners
  • Painting for better visibility

Custom Concrete Footing

Custom footings can poured in areas where paving bricks are present to properly install in-ground bollards or to bolt down items such as bike racks, park benches, and garbage receptacles.

Fitting a concrete footing in between removed pavers that are usually laid in a staggered pattern helps to minimize disruption to the surrounding ground supporting adjacent pavers. It also makes the walkway more stable by preventing small pieces of paving stones being needed to fill in a square cut – those small pieces easily move or crumble over time, creating trip hazards.

Concrete Grinding Solutions

Concrete grinding can be used to solve a number of issues with concrete walkways and is more cost effective than slab jacking or removal and installation of new concrete. Our diamond coated industrial concrete grinding equipment can handle any concrete grinding job you require. Grinding is a great solution for:

  • Removing trip hazards between uneven slabs
  • Improving anti-slip performance on smooth concrete surfaces

Re-leveling Sidewalk Pavers

Interlocking pavers bring great decorative style to a property’s sidewalks. In some ways they require more maintenance than concrete sidewalks, but that maintenance can also be more easily performed. The common issue, especially in the Greater Vancouver area, comes from settling of the base underneath the pavers. Ground water can erode the base causing areas to sink.

Maintaining these walkways requires removing the pavers around the problem area, re-installing addition sand base, compaction and leveling, and then re-installing the pavers.

Concrete Sidewalk Removal and Replacement

For damaged sidewalk or driveway slabs, we can completely re & re (remove and replace) with new concrete. A variety of finishes can be made including broom-swept, aggregate, and stamped. Sidewalk slabs generally need replacing due to vehicle damage, or shifting and breaking due to root upheaval.