Graffiti Removal and Graffiti Paint Over

Graffiti can be an ongoing problem at a property when it gets tagged over and over again. Often, this is a battle of removing or painting over the graffiti quickly and as often as necessary until the individuals responsible move on to somewhere else.


Graffiti Stain Block and Paint Over

For painted surfaces, we apply a stain blocker to prevent bleed-through, make a colour-match, and paint over the graffiti. A proper colour match is key to making your properties look good.

Improper colour matches for graffiti cover up make a building look run down, and highlight it as a target for more graffiti. A good cover-up should look like there was never graffiti there in the first place.


Graffiti Removal

For smooth, non-porous surfaces, we can often remove the graffiti. This depends on both the type of surface paint and graffiti paint used. We use special graffiti removal agents to remove the graffiti that leave the underlying paint untouched.

If it can not be removed without removing the original paint, there’s always a plan B. We will colour match and do a paint-over of the area.


Graffiti Removal and Refinishing

In some cases, you might have graffiti on an unpainted, porous surface such as a wooden bench. And the graffiti marking can soak deep into the wood preventing removal or cover-up.

In these cases, we will refinish the surface with a light sanding and re-staining. The results can make areas such as a bench look as good as new.