Infrared Inspections for Building Electrical Systems

Prevent costly electrical problems and shut-downs before they happen.

Infrared electrical inspections identify hot spots caused by bad connections and worn out electrical components.

It is an important preventative maintenance check and the best way to prevent potential fire hazards, loss of service, and intermittent electrical anomolies.

Regular infrared inspections make it possible to conduct maintenance and corrective actions before critical failures occur and may also help you reduce the insurance premiums for your property.

Detailed Electrical Inspections

To conduct an IR electrical inspection, we require access to all electrical rooms and other areas where electrical panels are present.

Some of the items we inspect include;

  • Breakers and fuses
  • Disconnects, switches, and contactors
  • Transformers
  • Wiring connections

In conjunction with the scan, our certified electricians do a visual inspection of all systems and perform current draw tests. This serves to verify the scanner findings and determine other electro-mechanical problems that may be present.

Inspection Report and Repair Recommendations

You will receive a complete inspection report with photos and thermo-graphic images that define the condition of each piece of equipment. The infrared inspection report will include the following information:

  • Explanation of test procedures & priority levels
  • Identify each problem found, with photos
  • Identify the suggested priority for repair, which are;
    • Priority 1 – Critical / Safety /Hazardous issues
    • Priority 2 – Typical overheating to be monitored and repaired as soon as possible
    • Priority 3 – The beginning of an electrical fault to be monitored and addressed in the future
  • Recommend repair solutions for each issue identified

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Examples of Infrared Inspection Issues Found

Switch and Fuse Hardware

Disconnect Switch

Wiring Connection

Pump Contactor Overload

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker Connection

Lighting Contactor

Electrical Disconnect