Exterior and Interior Lighting Maintenance and Repair

Exterior Building Lights

Call Nikls One Call to service all your exterior building lights, including:

  • Wall packs, sconces, and flood lights
  • Soffit and awning lights
  • Bollards and landscape lighting
  • Light pole standards
  • Ground and stairway lighting
  • Sign boxes and pylon signs

Our service trucks are like mobile lighting warehouses, stocked with the most common lamps and ballasts to ensure fast and efficient service.

Call us for a one time service as needed, or talk to us about our quarterly lighting maintenance program.

Security Lighting

Good lighting helps foster safety and security at your property. While diligent lighting service is the key component, sometimes additional lighting to illuminate specific areas is helpful.

Motion controlled security lighting is a great way to bring attention, and to warn off thieves and vandals from otherwise shadowy areas. Bright motion controlled lighting can also help discourage loitering behind buildings and in secluded areas around your property.

Additionally, our metal fabrication department can build custom security enclosures for your lights to protect them from vandalism or sabotage.

Protected Security Lighting

In addition to security lighting upgrades, Nikls One Call also has experienced technicians in a diverse number of trades including metal fabrication.

Where security lighting is exposed to being smashed or vandalized to remove lighting from an area, we can build and install secure enclosures to protect your security lighting.

Having a safe and secure property is all about creating layers of security – the light protects against dark areas, the security cage protects the light.

Interior Lighting

Nikls One Call services Property Managers and Strata Managers exclusively. We will service all your common area lighting as directed, including:

  • Foyers and entrances
  • Stairwells and hallways
  • Elevators and elevator vestibules
  • Gym, pool, and recreation facilities
  • Mail and utilities rooms
  • Garbage and recycling rooms
  • Storage and parking areas
  • Exit signs
  • Accent lighting

Underground Parkade Lighting

Underground and covered parking areas pose some specific challenges for lighting service. Our technicians will make sure these areas are serviced properly and safely.

Some of the safety challenges include:

  • 347V high voltage feeds
  • Narrow traffic aisles or blind corners
  • Making sure fixtures and hangers are secure
  • Water ingress from ceiling

All our technicians are licensed and experienced to ensure your lighting is serviced safely, and with minimal disruption to tenants and patrons of your property.

LED Upgrades and Retrofits

As LED options have become available for all your lighting needs, there are also for upgrading your lighting to LED. LED lighting offers energy cost savings, lower maintenance requirements, and in most cases, upgrading is about the same cost as replacing old ballasts and lamps.

Depending on the fixture, the options are:

  • Change the bulb to an LED lamp
  • Bypass the ballast, install LED lamps in existing fixture
  • Replace the entire fixture with an LED model

Replacing conventional lighting with LED lighting is also a big cost saver for fixtures that are difficult to reach, requiring scaffolding or special lifts to access. LED lights cut down your maintenance frequency, and the associated costs.

Lighting Controls

Photocells and 24 hour timers are the most common methods of lighting control.

The biggest issues arise from old mechanical timers. While simple to operate, they easily fall out of schedule due to power outages or worn mechanical parts.

We can replace them with simple to use astronomic digital timers. Astronomic timers have many great benefits over mechanical timers:

  • Simple and easy to program
  • Battery backup in case of power outages
  • Continuously self-adjusting as the seasons change
  • Off/on manual overide

Colour Temperature Standardization

Older light technologies such as HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halide) only radiate in one colour variation. HPS lights are more yellow or warm, while MH lights are more blue or cool.

Fluorescent, and now LED lamps are available in a more diverse colour spectrum. Lighting colour temperature is measured in K (degrees Kelvin). Example ranges include:

  • 2700K to 3000K – Warm
  • 3500K to 4100K – Cool
  • 5000K to 6500K – Daylight

Over time, lamps are sometimes replaced with different coloured lamps as they burn out. This makes a room’s lighting look muddy and inconsistent. We pay special attention to colour temperature when servicing your lighting, and can also make your newly vacant spaces consistent and ready to show.