Electrical Operating Permits for Technical Safety BC & Municipal Regulatory Authorities

Electrical Operating Permits are required by most commercial and multi-tenant buildings to comply with B.C. safety regulations. In some municipalities, the permit process goes through the City. For others, it goes through Technical Safety BC (formerly BCSA or B.C. Safety Authority).

Electrical Operating Permits ensure your building’s electrical equipment is regularly inspected, properly maintained by qualified personnel, and operated correctly and safely.

Nikls One Call can help you with Electrical Operating Permits, and all your building electrical maintenance and repair needs.

Electrical Operating Permit FAQS

Q. Do I need an Electrical Operating Permit for my Property?

A. An EOP is required by law in B.C. as part of the Safety Standards General Regulations if your property meets certain criteria. As a general guideline, most likely you will need a permit if your property is a:

  • Commercial property,
  • Industrial plant,
  • Multi-tenant office or residential building,
  • Manufacturing facility,
  • Or a school, hospital, or municipal facility

Q. How do I get Electrical Operating Permits for my properties?

A. The application process for electrical operating permits consists of a simple 3 step process:

  1. First, we conduct the electrical site survey to gather all equipment details and specifications. We also check the condition and operation of the electrical supply equipment and advise of any repairs if needed before the Technical Safety BC inspection.
  2. Next, we complete all the relevant application paperwork and submit to the Technical Safety BC.
  3. Lastly, we meet the Technical Safety BC inspector onsite and complete the permit process.

Q. Can I get an Electrical Operating Permit myself?

A. An Electrical FSR (Field Safety Representative) is required to get an EOP. Nikls One Call Property Services’ Electrical Division can manage the entire process for you.