Door and Window Repairs

Your doors and windows must provide both security and accessibility to your property at any given moment. When they’re not functioning, they need to be repaired right away, even though most doors and windows need to be custom ordered. We’ve seen just about everything and can make sure your property is secure and accessible following an emergency until final repairs can be completed.

Door Repairs, Replacement, and Security Upgrades

Automatic Doors

Our door technicians are ANSI certified to properly assess and repair your automatic handicap accessible doors. We will make sure your door is operating properly and is setup to meet safe operation requirements for accessible doors.

  • Handicap door operator repairs and new installs
  • Electric strike, electrified hardware, and maglock repairs
  • Sliding doors, push buttons, guard rails

Wood Doors

Call us to repair or replace your residential and commercial wood doors. No matter what problem you’re having, we’re sure we’ve seen it before and have the right solution.

  • Adding mail slots, kick plates, and door sweeps
  • Door and frame adjustment, hinge replacement
  • Custom sizing and finishes, fire rated doors
  • Door hardening and security upgrades
  • General locksmithing

Steel Commercial Doors

Interior and exterior steel doors for commercial buildings. We repair or replace doors and frames for electrical or mechanical rooms, parkades, stairwells, hallways, and entrances. And we can provide you with a variety if options.

  • Adding kick plates, window kits, and door sweeps
  • Door and frame adjustment, NRP hinges, door closers
  • Commercial door pivots and continuous hinges
  • Custom sizing and finishes, fire rated doors
  • Door hardening and security upgrades

Glass and Aluminum Storefront Repairs

Emergency Glass Repair and Replacement

Nikls One Call can take care of all your glass repairs. We attend to emergency calls regularly due to break-ins or vehicle mishaps. Sometimes we can replace the glass on the spot, otherwise we will ensure your property is safe and securely hoarded until we can fabricate and install the proper glass and framing.

  • Emergency hoarding and glass cleanup
  • Glass and aluminum storefront repair and replacement
  • Glass awning replacement, leak repair, and cleaning
  • Sealed units, laminated and tempered glass
  • Wire mesh fire safety glass
  • Skylight repairs

Hoarding for Specialty Glass in Upscale Buildings

Even when things are going wrong, a building has to keep operating and serving its residents and patrons. Sometimes repairs involve specialty materials with a significant lead time before they can be replaced. In cases such as this, we strive to keep the area safe, operating, and minimize the negative visual impact. For example …

STEP 1: Clean-up and Hoarding Structure

The first step in hoarding a damaged storefront is to safely remove any glass that’s left in the frame and clean up all broken glass from the area.

Once that is completed, a damage assessment can be made of the window framing and and surrounding walls.

Next, we will build a hoarding structure to close the area securely.

STEP 2: Hoarding Construction

There are various construction techniques used to build proper hoarding. We make sure that certain key criteria are maintained:

  • The structure is safe
  • The building or area is secure
  • The hoarding does not cause damage to the surrounding framing

STEP 3: Facade

While most of the time, standard plywood hoarding is acceptable, sometimes aesthetics are also important. In upscale or high traffic buildings, or in situations where repair materials have a lengthy order time, we can cover the plywood and framing.

This can be done with a simple facade made of single colour vinyl, or by applying full colour printed graphics to the hoarding face. This helps to blend in the temporarily hoarded area with the surrounding area, and draws less attention.

It helps your property look and operate seamlessly without the distraction of a boarded up window or storefront.