Drip Pans for Parkade Membrane Leaks and Drain Overflows

Drip Pans to Control Water Ingress

Drip pans are a great solution to catching water ingress when there is little chance or great expense to stopping it. We manufacture some standard sizes and can also make custom sizes and do complete installation as needed.

  • Standard sizes are 44″ x 56″, 116″ x 20″, and 116″ x 44″
  • 1.5″ high pan wall height
  • 1.5″ diameter drain spout soldered in place for drain line connection
  • Made of galvanized sheet metal

Drain pans can be anchored in place using ready rod hangers or galvanized metal strapping and concrete anchors. Once in place, the drain can be plumbed with PVC piping.

Drip Pans as a Cost Effective Solution

Water ingress through a parkade ceiling or subgrade wall is generally a sign of membrane or cold joint failure, allowing ground water to seep in. In some cases, concrete injection can stop the water ingress, but generally it will find another way in, creating more cracks and damage as it does. Repairing these kinds of problems involves very expensive excavation and construction which in some cases is cost prohibitive.

Another issue that occurs is water ingress coming through the core hole that a floor drain on the level above runs through when the water runs down the outside of the drain pipe. This can also be expensive to repair, and involve removing the flooring and repairing the membrane inside a commercial or residential unit.

One of the biggest problems with this kind of water ingress has to do with the mineral salts the water picks up in the concrete. These minerals are very damaging to car paint when the water drips on vehicles. Other than that, there is often not much cause for concern.

Drip pans allow you to control the water ingress and direct it where you want – usually piped down to the floor or into an existing drain.