Commercial Garbage Enclosures

Garbage enclosures hide unsightly dumpsters and recycling bins from your patrons. They also inhibit illegal dumping and are custom built / sized for your commercial or strata needs.

Garbage Enclosure Room

Garbage Enclosure Features

  • Steel or treated lumber framing available – we work with you to fit your budget
  • Custom built for the number of dumpsters and size of dumpsters you use
  • All-season cedar siding
  • Latched or locking doors, and heavy duty hinges
  • Caged roofs so obnoxious odors are not trapped in the enclosure
  • Free standing or concrete footings

Nikls Services will work with you to build the right solution and address all your enclosure needs from simple site aesthetics to security requirements.

Steel Framed Garbage Enclosure

Steel Framed Garbage Room