Traffic Mirrors for Blind Corners

Exterior and Parkade Traffic Mirrors

Convex traffic mirrors help motorists see around tight corners inside underground parking garages, and to see oncoming traffic at entrances and exits where visibility is blocked. Traffic mirrors also help pedestrians see approaching vehicles and blind corners to enhance the overall safety and security of your property.

  • Tough and durable acrylic convex mirror
  • Galvanized steel backing for exterior use
  • Heavy-duty adjustable single point bracket
  • Large 26 inch diameter for great visibility

Custom mounts and brackets can be fabricated for mounting your mirrors in difficult areas. And in addition to traffic mirrors, we can provide you with a number of ideas and options to help you control and manage the foot and vehicle traffic at your property, safely and securely.

Interior Hallway Mirrors

Interior traffic mirrors for narrow hallways and stairwells can be just as important for creating a safe and secure environment as exterior traffic control. Interior mirrors are great for busy complexes with lots of foot traffic, and for spaces where hand trucks or pallet jacks are used to move heavy goods around constantly.

  • Tough and durable acrylic convex mirror
  • 12 inch and 18 inch convex mirrors for tighter spaces
  • Tough ABS plastic (12″) or galvanized steel (18″) backings. Just as tough as our outdoor mirrors and can be used in exterior applications

Convex mirrors are the most widely used for visibility and security, but there are a few other mirror types that are also available including 180 degree and 360 degree mirrors. These mirrors are mounted on a wall or suspended from chains to provide continuous visibility over a wider degree of movement.