Lot Maintenance for Shopping Malls and Strata Building Preventive Maintenance Programs

Lot Maintenance for Shopping Malls

Lot Maintenance for Shopping Malls

Nikls One Call provides lot maintenance service for about 60 commercial properties throughout the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Our primary goal is to ensure you and your company are represented in the best manner possible to your ownership clients, tenants, and to patrons of the properties you manage.

In addition to a standard scope of duties and responsibilities, Nikls One Call brings you an entire team when it comes to taking care of the lot maintenance at your properties.

Some of the Basic Lot Maintenance Services We Perform for You

  • Inspect site for security breaches, vandalism, graffiti, safety hazards, pest activity, other deficiencies, and report to the Property Manager
  • Litter pickup throughout all common areas including parking lot, walkways, and shrubbery
  • Sweeping along curbs and walkways, common area hallways and stairs, inside utility rooms, and around garbage dumpster areas
  • Change garbage bags in exterior garbage receptacles and clean out ashtrays
  • Clean spills and remove gum from walkways
  • Remove minor graffiti from non-porous surfaces if possible
  • Remove unauthorized signs or flyers from the property fixed to walls, signs, poles
  • Check common area lights and change bulbs that are within reach. Adjust lighting timers as required
  • Clean all garbage receptacle lids, benches
  • Clear debris from floor drain cover screens
  • Clean tenant storefront window ledges along walkways
  • Clean exterior windows of vacant store units reachable by hand
  • Clear leaves and debris from accessible roof drains
  • Record water meter readings from mechanical room and send to Property Manager
  • Clear snow and apply ice melt to storefront and municipal walkways and stairs
  • Record winter temperatures and weather conditions in log book daily
  • Remove weeds along sidewalk curbs and building edges
  • Blow and collect leaves from sidewalks and paved areas
  • Provide access for prospective tenants to vacant spaces as requested
  • Misc duties as requested by the Property Manager

Additional Services Available

  • Pressure washing and hot water pressure washing
  • Removal of illegally dumped refuse for proper disposal
  • Annual catch basin cleaning
  • Lighting service for wall packs, pole lights, and pylon signs
  • Large graffiti removal and/or sealing and paint over
  • Supplying ice melt to property for use as needed

When you need a solution, Nikls One Call, our sign shop Signs BC, and our property supply store BCSiteService.com, are ready to bring you the right solution. If you need, we have journeyman trades on staff, along with unique fabrication capabilities, and distribution rights for a number of products you need for your properties. You also have access to our 24/7 emergency service.

And you always have our guarantee. By allowing us to maintain your site, you never have any contractual obligation to us and can cancel the service we provide at any time for any reason.

Commercial Building Preventive Maintenance

Commercial Building Preventive Maintenance

Sometimes, building budgets can not support a full time building manager.

Let us take care of your general maintenance needs with a monthly preventive maintenance program. On a regular monthly schedule, one of our experienced technicians will do a complete walkthrough of your building, conduct minor repairs, and report larger issues to you with repair recommendations.

Your building is unique, and we will tailor a maintenance program that works for you. You can preauthorize us to conduct regular maintenance or attend to any number of ongoing maintenance issues that require various certified trades and technicians.

We will check, maintain and repair, and report to you any number of repair issues you require including …

  • Air Filters. Replace in HVAC units on regular schedule.
  • Backflow Preventers. Annual testing of backflow preventers.
  • Catch Basins. Annual service to pump out CBs, trough drains and storm interceptors.
  • Concrete. Check and repair sidewalks, asphalt and paving stones for trip hazards and potholes.
  • Doors. Check all doors, locks, door closers and handicap operators. Adjust and conduct repairs.
  • Drains. Check all drains and clear of debris.
  • Electrical. Repairs, vault cleaning, IR surveys.
  • Fencing. Repair damage and vandalism to fences and railings.
  • Flooring. Repairing damage, cleaning spills and stains.
  • Garage Gates. Check operation, lubricate, replace wear parts.
  • Graffiti. Removal or stain blocking paint over.
  • Gutters. Clean out annually or regularly as needed.
  • Irrigation. Maintenance, setup in spring, and winterize in fall.
  • Laundry. Clean out dryer vents, adjust machine levelling.
  • Leaks. Identify the source of leaks (plumbing, roof, envelope)
  • Lighting. Replace all common area interior (hallway, foyer, service rooms, exit lights) and exterior lamps and ballasts.
  • Painting. Conduct minor drywall repairs and painting touch ups on common area walls, doors and ceilings.
  • Plumbing. General repairs, check sump operation, kitchen stack cleaning, boiler maintenance.
  • Power Washing. To remove algae and clean garbage areas.
  • Roof. Clear roof drains and leaf debris, check membrane and flashing integrity.
  • Signage. Labeling doors, property and parking regulations, mapping shutoff locations.
  • Security. Site assessment, security upgrades.
  • Upgrade Projects. For security, energy efficient lighting, and extensive renovations, we can put together a longer term, month by month schedule & budget for you.
  • Windows. Caulking around leaks, replacement of broken or cracked windows, and glass awnings.

And of course, with our 24/7 emergency service, help is always available.