Electrical Vault and Transformer Cleaning

Over time, building electrical transformers and electrical vaults will gather a build-up of dust. They also contain parts that may wear over time. These two issues can cause electrical safety hazards, as well as decrease the life of your electrical equipment significantly.

Part of routine electrical (building) maintenance is to have transformers and vaults maintained. This maintenance requires a high voltage certified technician to de-energized and disassemble the unit. The components are then cleaned and inspected. The unit is put back into service once any required repairs have been completed.

Transformer and vault cleaning should be done every 2 to 3 years, and recorded in your on-site electrical maintenance logbook.

Transformer and Electrical Vault Cleaning FAQS

Q. Will the power need to be shut off?

A. Yes. Transformers control specific electrical panels, fixtures, or equipment in a building. A total power shutdown is not needed for them, just the panels they supply power to. An electrical vault supplies power to the entire building, requiring a total shutdown and coordination with BC Hydro for maintenance.

Q. Is this maintenance required?

A. Yes. Commercial and multi-tenant residential and office properties must have an Electrical Operating Permit to comply with BC regulations. Part of this compliance requires regular maintenance of all electrical equipment.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Transformers can usually be cleaned and inspected with a shut down lasting no more than an hour or two. Electrical vaults will generally require a building shut down of 4 to 6 hours to complete. These shutdowns and maintenance cleanings can be scheduled after hours if needed.

Q. Can our janitor clean the transformer or vault?

A. No. Transformer and electrical vault cleaning must be performed by an electrician licensed to work on high voltage equipment. Attempting this kind of maintenance by unqualified personnel may result in injury, death, or damage to the property.

Electrical Room Maintenance for Transformers and Vaults

Inspection to assess the general condition of transformers and electrical vaults can be done as part of annual electrical maintenance inspections and should be recorded in your electrical operating permit log book. They are also looked at during an infrared electrical survey.

One of the common problems seen in electrical rooms is an ongoing buildup of dust due to roughly finished bare concrete floors. We can apply a concrete sealer to your floors to alleviate this problem.

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