Electrical Troubleshooting and Repairs

For commercial and multi-tenant residential properties, call us for all your electrical troubleshooting and repair needs.

Power Outages or Partial Outages

Most power outages at a property originate from a grid issue (BC Hydro) and require their crews to make repairs to restore power. But full or partial outages can also originate with the building equipment and must be rectified by an electrician.

Such outages can be caused by kicked out breakers, tripped overload switches, or by a blown fuse in the power distribution panel. When the outage originates with the building equipment, there are two problems to solve. Power must be restored, and the failed component must be inspected to find out the cause for the failure so future outages can be avoided.

Call us 24/7 to attend a power outage at your property.

Breakers, Lights, Switches, Wiring, and Fuses

Often, it’s the most basic components in your building’s electrical system that fail without warning. And these simple issues can shut down a building’s normal operation, leaving your tenants without adequate lighting, or power to run computers and other equipment.

Call Nikls One Call today and we will get the problem fixed, and get you back up and running ASAP.

  • General electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Electrical upgrades and renovations
  • Interior and exterior electrical service

Electric Baseboard Heating and Heating Controls

Call us for all your electric heating needs. We can troubleshoot, and then repair or replace your baseboard heating units and the associated control thermostats.

Our electrical team also works with our plumbing department to troubleshoot and repair boilers for water and space heating. This multi-trade capability is allows us to respond to more complex and difficult to troubleshoot problems.

We can also help you with temporary heating solutions in adverse situations. We can look at the power requirements of the heaters you need to run, assess your power capabilities, and then install them in a safe manner according to safety codes and building electrical regulations.

Electrical Service and Panel Upgrades

As tenant’s needs change, and as the size of leased spaces in a commercial building changes, sometimes electrical service upgrades are needed. This can include updating the electrical panel, running new fixture wiring during renovations, or increasing the amperage available for the unit to meet expected requirements.

Increasing the power available to a particular unit can be tricky, and depends largely on the power available to the entire property also. We can survey your property and power requirements, and help you upgrade your electrical service to serve your tenant’s needs.

New Service for Automatic Doors and Other Fixtures

In addition to general electrical repairs and maintenance, we can also install new electrical circuits to power new fixtures in your building. This can involve adding breakers to the electrical panel, running wiring and conduit, coring through walls or concrete floors.

Nikls One Call is well setup to tackle these kinds of multi-trade jobs. Examples of service additions for new fixtures are:

  • Running power for new automatic handicap door operators
  • Adding security lighting to the building exterior
  • Installing CO alarms in an underground parkade

Call us today for all your commercial and residential building electrical repairs.