Concrete Garbage Cans and Waste Receptacles

One of the best and most popular options for commercial properties are concrete garbage cans. These waste receptacles come in a variety of styles and feature exposed aggregate concrete finishes.

They also come with industrial grade plastic lids that feature self-closing swinging doors to control obnoxious odors and pests. Most models are available with built in ashtrays or without.

Concrete Garbage Can with Dome Lid

Key Benefits of Concrete Waste Receptacles

  1. They weigh approximately 600 lbs (270 kg) so they are not easily moved out of place or stolen
  2. With sturdy concrete and industrial plastic construction, they are immune to vandalism are easily cleaned of graffiti
  3. They are long lasting – they do not rust, and there is no paint to chip off over time
  4. Sturdy plastic can liner inside for holding garbage bags

Round Concrete Garbage Can with Lid

Round Concrete Garbage Can

This is one of the most popular waste containers for commercial properties. It is a classic round concrete garbage can with a dome lid. It is available with a dome mounted ashtray or without and these garbage receptacles last for years in the outdoor elements already ready to serve your shopping mall’s patrons.

Rounded Corner Square Garbage Can

Square Garbage Can with Rounded Corners

The Kitsilano is a more modern design. Featuring rounded corners, exposed aggregate finish and a dome-style lid, it is available with a top mounted ashtray or without.

Lids for Concrete Garbage Cans

Replacement Lids for Concrete Garbage Cans

Nikls One Call Property Services offers you complete supply and installation of all concrete waste receptacles. You can also order specific parts such as replacement lids, ashtrays, and can liners from us.